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Last night was pretty interesting. As we were closing a large man came in the store that totally looked like Hagrid from Harry Potter. He said that if he were to pick up the garbage in the back parkinglot if we would give him some leftovers. Now for those of you that have seen how much pizza I get once we are closed, imagine that much plus another box full. Well I went outside to give it to him, and I told him he didn't have to finish cleaning if he didn't want to, that we could just give him the pizza instead. He then replied, "No, no, I can't just take charity from people, I have to earn what I recieve." He told me he says his prayers every morning among other things, then proceeded to pick up cigarette butts and bottles out of the parking lot. He came back in to wash his hands, and as he was leaving he flashed a pin to me that said "Proud to be a Veteran." That pin kind of made me surprised. I don't know what to do in that sort of situation, I mean, Roger told me to just say thanks for serving our country, but I feel like that pin means more to that homeless person than a comment like that could make up for. Oh well, at least we gave him a bunch of pizza (that I made him promise he would share) and he did a job for it instead of just coming into Hot Lips to demand it.
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