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Ready to have 'em laughing in the aisles again and to rejuvenate your reputation as a party animal? Well, if you're not, someone else will be only too happy to do it for you -- someone who's seen you in action, entertaining the entire room with just one ridiculous facial expression. Oh, stop acting like it's an inconvenience. You know you want to come out and play



So I got my tounge pierced this weekend.  I cannot for the life of me figure out how to post pictures up on this son of a bitch, so if anyone thinks of anything, let me know (but I will have the best pic as my updated pic).  This weekend in general was a good one though.  Friday was Corvallis visiting old West Linn peeps and gettin' trashed.  I had figured things would get weird, but I really did have a good time.  Once everyone left the party we got Justin so high he had no idea what to do with himself.  God I love it when people get blazed that don't smoke as much.  The next day I went and saw Katelyn and Kelly's apartment, watched some of the old videos, picked up Tawny and her bf, and headed down to Eugene for a ride to Nathan's.  Once with Nathan, we went and bought the needle and barbell for my tounge for a total of $7 (which are prices you shall never find down town) and eventually went to a party that night.  It was Nathan's friend Robert's birthday, so there were a ton of drunks and stoners running about like chickens with their heads cut off.  One guy at the party was telling all of his sex experiences with an ex that was also there just sitting there embarassed out of her mind.  Hahaha, he was trashed.  We waited around until like 2 or so when Helen showed up, but everyone was passing out, so I knew I had to just get up and go before I too fell into a deep slumber.  So once at Helen's, she pierced my tounge, we called a cab, and went back to Nathan's.  The next night we decided to name movie night and watched "SAW."  I don't know if any of you have seen it, but it is some goooOOOooood shit!!  I had already seen it, but it isn't really too scary because it lacks the goryness of regular scary movies but with good thought processes within it.  Anyway, if you think you can handle it and have yet to see it, I definately recommend it.  Ah shit kids, I gotta finish my hair and study for a quiz I have today, but hell fuckin' ya, this was a damn good weekend!

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