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Busy, busy, busy.  I am working at Smith 5 days a week now and Hotlips like 4 or so.  Last night I felt really overwhelmed and like I wanted to just walk out and never look back, but I knew I would regret the decision to do so, so I just did a shitty job closing so I wouldn't get nuts.  It has been exhausting working so much, but it will literally and figuratively pay off in the end.

I also signed up for classes for the summer, and it looks like I will be taking Philosophy of Religion, Photography in the Darkroom, then some sort of sociology and psychology classes.  4 classes and 12 credits...I think it will be alright, and if I drop one, I drop one, meh.  It will be weird to be in school and not in any Japanese classes (or supposed to be in one :P ) in 6 years.... that will probably just mean that I pay less attention to school because that is usually the subject I have to pay the most attention to.  I am really looking forward to the photography class because I haven't had the opportunity to enjoy one since Junior year with Mr. L.  Man that guy kicked ass. 

This weekend I am supposed to hang out with Nicky and Brittany which I haven't been able to do in a while, so that should be fun.  I guess I haven't really been able to see much of anyone except Amelia since she lives next to me, Sara because she works with me, and Andrew because he is often wandering about campus smoking cigarettes.  I'm not sure how often I will be able to hang out when classes are out, because although I will only be working at Hot Lips, I start classes on the 20th.  So ya, I guess I have until then.  WHoo!  I think a camping trip is in order.  Hell ya.

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